iVibe Select - iCome (Purple) by Doc Johnson Sex Toys

iVibe Select - iCome (Purple) by Doc Johnson Sex Toys

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The controls are press button on the handle of the i Come and quite simple to use and with the size of the vibe it fits comfortably in one hand. Rabbit vibes are seriously one of the best adult toys for girls available. The full size of the i Come starts with a length of just 23cm and a width of 3. Playing in the shower is fun, not having to buy batteries is a money saver and silicone is smooth and sexy. 5cm, the superb rabbit ears has a length of 6cm to endow your clitoris. 7 Commanding Levels for your contentment to play with and you can have the shaft or the ears playing together or separately dependent on your mood at playtime. i Come Rabbit Style Vibrator provides you this and more with the lively size and functions available. Let the balls inspire your body to relax and enjoy the glorious gratification of your new vibe. i Come Rabbit Style Vibrator Rolling Ball Clitoral Pleaser 7 Commanding Levels Waterproof, Silicone and USB Rechargeable. You achieve internal and external pleasures that you need and deserve all in one vibe. Rolling Ball Clitoral Pleaser will surely amuse one with the movements that we may use with our fingers on our clit but in a commanding style of a rabbit styled vibrator. Waterproof, Silicone and USB Rechargeable are becoming quite the norm in adult toys and we love it and I’m sure you will too.  Doc Johnson – i Vibe Select – i Come Rabbit Style Vibrator with all the charm required to deliver pleasing enjoyment.

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